The Electric Lostbox

Lostbox. n. colloq. — A place where missing or abandoned items, usually clothing, are kept until claimed by their rightful owner. Often located in schools. If unclaimed, the items can be used by others.

Electric. adj. — What Bob Dylan did on July 25, 1965, at the Newport Folk Festival, when he plugged his electric guitar into an amplifier and performed for the first time with a rock band.

In his brilliant memoir, Head-On – Memories of the Liverpool Punk-scene and the story of
The Teardrop Explodes (1994) – Julian Cope vividly describes the arrival of Punk in his adoptive hometown of Liverpool and the subsequent impact it had on the city’s most switched on inhabitants. Among tales of adventure, discovery, rivalry, fallouts, pettiness and oneupmanship, he chronicles the varying fortunes of the countless bands to emerge in the wake of punks ‘can do attitude’

The Mystery Girls, A Shallow Madness, Crash Course, The Geoffs, Uh? The Nova Mob, Industrial/Domestic, 

While some would go on to greater things, many bands would only last a day, never playing live, never recording any material. Some, crucially, did get as far as making a band T-shirt. And this is where the idea of Electric Lostbox took shape.

‘I think The Nova Mob was a T-shirt. The band didn’t really exist. It was only afterwards we thought let’s make it into a group and we did one rehearsal.’
Budgie (ex-Banshees, ex-Creatures, ex-Nova Mob)

Delving into the history of modern pop music, we uncovered previous band incarnations, but also other pop artefacts, footnotes, defunct venues, points of reference and interest that would play a significant part in a band’s history.

It is these sometimes overlooked or forgotten miscellanea that we celebrate at Electric Lostbox, these fossils of possible musical futures.

In recent years the band T-shirt has become as much about fashion as fandom. Once the preserve of record shops and music venues, the band T-shirt is now freely available in every High Street store.

But what we hope we do at Electric Lostbox is give a bit of mystery back to the humble band T-shirt, to put the fandom back into fashion, to create something that to a casual observer might mean nothing, but will resonate with those who love the music and, at the same time, want to look ace.