Beastie Boys – The Musical!

Something we didn’t think we be seeing anytime soon has just been announced – a Beastie Boys musical! Being staged by the Camden People’s Theatre, it’s been put together with the involvement of Abandonman and Rubberbandits, and there’s puppets involved, so not your run of the mill West End jukebox affair.

‘Created with creative support from comedy hip-hop legends Abandonman and the Rubberbandits, and using a mix of live music and DJ-ing, Licensed to Ill travels through time from the hiphoppers of ’80s New York to the ’90s gangsters of LA – all the way to the total globalisation of hiphop. This loud, crazy show does to music theatre what hiphop did to tracksuits: make them cool.’

Find out more at The CPT’s website, and if you need something to wear to the musical – our Young Aborigine tee is right here.