About Electric Lostbox
About Electric Lostbox


In his memoir Head-On (1994), Julian Cope vividly describes the countless bands to emerge in the wake of the 1970s ‘do it yourself ’ punk ethos. While some went on to greater things, many only lasted a day, never playing live, never recording. Some, crucially, did get as far as making T-shirts. And this is where the idea of Electric Lostbox took shape.

“I think The Nova Mob was a T-shirt. The band didn’t really exist. It was only afterwards we thought let’s make it into a group and we did one rehearsal.”
Budgie (ex-Banshees, ex-Creatures, ex-Nova Mob)

Delving into the history of modern pop music, we uncovered previous band incarnations, but also other artefacts, footnotes, defunct venues, points of reference and interest that played a significant part in a band’s history. It is these sometimes overlooked or forgotten miscellanea that we celebrate at Electric Lostbox, these fossils of possible musical futures.

Recently the band T-shirt has become as much about fashion as fandom. Once the preserve of record shops and music venues, the band T-shirt is now freely available on every High Street. But what we hope we do at Electric Lostbox is give a bit of mystery back, to put the fandom back into fashion, to create something that to a casual observer might mean nothing, but will resonate with those who love the music and, at the same time, want to look ace.